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Known as “nennan”to us. Originally born and raised in Haiti , my beautiful grandmother moved to Canada in the 1900s after the death of our granddad. She traveled to the United States very often until she no longer was unable to due to health complications . Growing up I can’t remember a time nennan not being there. She raised all her grandchildren to be the women and men we are today. She enjoyed personal care. She taught us at a very young age how to apply nail polish on her hands and toes and braid her hair

During her last days 2019, I got the opportunity to visit Canada 4x that year to spend quality time . As she laid in the hospital bed talking with her brain still working full fledged , I massaged her scalp, hands and feet. She was in a lot of pain and I wish I could have taken it all away at the moment . I did what I could only do to help her get comfortable. Nennan died October 14, 2019 with her two daughters right by her side holding her hands

A Morrisseau Is A Personal Care Company. With Great Honor & Love I Present To The World The Best All Natural Ingredients Hand Crafted For Your Skin .

Put Some Respect on Your Skin

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