Black Panther Power Fitness

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 27. Three years later a doctor told me that my cholesterol was too high. After my 40th birthday my lab results came back with a caution that I was what they labeled “pre-diabetic”. How do you think my blood pressure reacted to that bit of news?

Stress, sugar and salt. If you are a Black man these are the three biggest factors leading to your demise. I went to the supplement stores looking for products but I felt like there was just never anything there specifically to focus on my condition or needs. So I decided to go to task and produce them myself. For Us By Us. I worked with the labs to create products that were low in sodium and as little to no sugar as possible. We came up with a product worthy to bear the name Black Panther Power. I took care of the sugar and salt, the stress management is up to you but with a proper workout program you can do it, and we can help.

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