It’s Always Too Soon To Quit

Many people have given up on staying in the game and have pretty much retired or turned their jerseys in. What do you mean? Simply put, there are people living, breathing, and moving through life that have actually given up on their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Yes, it’s possible to just be “existing” in this life. There is a major difference between “living” and “existing.” A person that is truly living is one that has decided to thrive, reach, and do whatever it takes to ascertain their goals. A person that is just “existing” is one that has decided to just go through life and accept whatever life throws them while maintaining a posture of helplessness. This is a sad way to live. In my many years of living I have met so many people that operated in the aforementioned mindset. I can assure you that by the end of this book you will be encouraged and inspired to live instead of just existing.