Cooperating in the Workplace

About the Author
As a Gulf War Veteran and Senior Army Warrant Officer who worked in the fields of logistics and Federal Acquisition in the federal government and later as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen how organizational form and structure within the federal government and in my own business experience provided foundational keys and principles that have guided me to success in both the public and private sectors.

As our working environment becomes more diverse and global, our knowledge and organizational skills and behavior must develop along with those changes.

Inside this book, Cooperating in the Workplace, you will discover detailed information that will help with all aspects of teamwork, through chapters that include:
• What workplace cooperation means
• The psychological impacts of a negative workplace

• Communication and its vital importance • Sexual harassment and abuse
• Drugs, alcohol, and violence in the workplace
• What makes a team work or fail
• And much more…

Get a copy today and see how your business could profit!!!

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