PM Fragrances Room Fragrance Spray

Each fragrance spray is 5oz and made with phthalate-free, premium-grade fragrance oils, aroma chemicals, essential oils, organic alcohol (trace amounts) and distilled water. I believe you can and should be able to enjoy a luxury fragrance without allergy triggers and harsh, unhealthy ingredients.
If mainstream sprays bother you as they do me, you'll love scenting your space with PM sprays!
If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner (or a vacuum with a removable filter), you can even spray your filter for a light deodorizing effect, should you prefer not to spray the air.

Scent choices include:
•CASCADE MODERNE: A modernized take on a waterfall. Notes of various fruits including citruses, berries, cherries, vanilla, amber, orange blossom, aged wood and aged wood.

•7TH HEAVEN: Imagine biting into a chocolate covered raspberry while inhaling the fragrance of one small freshly cut lemon wedge. You pick up the lemon to move it, wiping your lemony scented hands on your denim jeans. You walk outside of your beach house to get the mail, and once you come back in, you stop for a couple of moments to soak in the combination of aromas you've experienced.
Every time you spray 7th HEAVEN, you have the opportunity to relive this event again and again.

•COTTON CLEAN: With notes of sea salt, cotton blossoms and light musks, prepare to be whisked to the beach every time you spray!

•FRESH LAUNDERED CITRUS: A timeless aromatic fragrance with the perfect balance of fresh citrus and laundry clean.

•PRESIDENTIAL: PRESIDENTIAL - With choral notes of leather and suede combined with millisecond but consistent solos of jasmine, coconut and lavender, this fragrance will transform even the oldest of vehicles into scented luxury!
(Caution: Not responsible for the inundated amounts of people who will suddenly want to ride shotgun)

•COOL PINEAPPLE BREEZE: Notes include a blend of Pineapple accords.

•ZOOM IN Essential Oil Spray:
A blend of essential oils to promote focus and concentration. Great for spraying your vehicle on long commutes!
Notes include:
•Orange•Peppermint•Cedar Wood