Be Prepared Personal Information Planner

What Happens When the Unthinkable Happens Are You Prepared?

The best way for our people to be prepared and to maintain control in a stressful situation is to be organized before such an event happens. We hear so often about famous people not leaving a Will in the event of their death but this document goes further. It is a comprehensive meticulous record keeping document that is revised by you and utilized by you and your family.

The Be Prepared Personal Information Planner motivates you to

• Gather and Organize Personal Financial & Family Documents
• Make sure Important Information is not missing

• Have all your Vital Information in one easily Accessible place
• Put the proper provisions in place
• Reduce the burden on loved Ones in case of Disability, Death or Natural Disaster

The Be Prepared Personal Information Planner
Consists of the following “Be Prepared” Forms

• Quick Guide Location of My Important documents
• Personal Information
• Personal Information Spouse
• Family Registry
• My Pets
• Medical Information (blood type, medications, allergies, vaccinations etc..)
• In Case of Emergency These People Must Be Notified
• Important Business and Personal Contacts to Be Notified
• Personal Finance Information
• Real Estate
• Automobile and Auto Insurance
• My Legal Documents
• Passport of My Family Members
• Will
• Other Documents
• Inheritance
• Lease
• House Effects Inventory
• Insurance Policies
• Property Insurance
• Vehicle Insurance
• Utilities
• Employment
• Military Service
• Summary of My Employee Benefits
• Retirement
• Final Wishes
• Trust and Powers of Attorney
• Organ Donation
• Notify in Case of Death

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How to use product

You could print the document and fill it out by hand and put it into a binder.


Save the file to your computer, tablet or mobile phone and type in the
Necessary text and re-save with a new name so you will always have a blank version to revise. Note you will need the free version of adobe reader program/app to view,
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  4. You can save typed in data on your computer via “save as” only
  5. Print the files easily from your home, office or local print shop Thank you for your time DON'T FORGET TO BE PREPARED!!!